The MTG Grindcast

At its heart, the Grindcast is a project by two friends who love competitive Magic. Every week we bring you the latest decks, strategies, and technology aimed at helping you succeed in your next tournament. We both play regularly, and our own experiences heavily inform our discussions. We’re Spikes, sure, but we also love to have a good time. So come join us, hang out, and hopefully we’ll all get better at Magic together!

Collins Mullen

Show host

A member of team LotusBox, Collins has been making his name on the StarcityGames circuit over the past two years. Probably best known for putting Modern Humans on the map with his undefeated first-place finish at the Cincinnati Open, Collins is a consistent presence on the SCG leaderboard. 

Collins also offers personalized coaching services!

Chris Castro-Rappl

Show Host

Chris has been playing magic for entirely too long. His career might be a little less illustrious than young buck Collins Mullen, and his proudest accomplishments include getting smashed by Todd Stevens in the finals of an open and being called the “Marshall Sutcliffe” of the Grindcast by none other than BDM. But what he lacks in lifetime winnings he makes up for in his desire to talk about Magic all the damn time to anyone who will listen.