Magic aficionado and, technically, a lawyer. Currently winning tournaments in Europe. Also losing tournaments in Europe.

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SCG Grinder. Open Champ. GP Finalist. Battling the eternal question: Brew? or make day two?



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Grindcast Episode 117: *Insert Pioneer Pun Here*

Well, that was a hell of an announcement, wasn’t it? Wizards of the Coast went out of their way to keep us from having to play historic, and we’re...

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Grindcast Episode 116: Oko is Loco

Just a week into Throne of Eldraine and we’re playing Oko in…every deck. In every format. Is he the best planeswalker ever printed? Time will tell, but for now...

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Grindcast Episode 115: Can we Beat Golos?

The field at SCG Philly was full of the dead, so we’re breaking down what’s working and what isn’t in a Golos-dominated standard. Plus, how about this Mox Opal-dominated...

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Grindcast Episode 114: Adventuring with Throne of Eldraine

Whew, time for a normal episode! Throne of Eldraine has, of course, massively shaken up Standard but it’s also having some immediate impact on Modern! We check out the...

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Grindcast Episode 113: Throne of Eldraine Constructed Set Review!!

It’s finally here! On this giant-sized episode, Lee McLeod joins us to go over all the fantastic new cards from Throne of Eldraine. Along the way we crush some...

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Grindcast Episode 112: Our Standard Rotation Rest in Peace Show

As with every standard rotation these days, we are losing a TON of cards. Join us as we go over all our old favorites and all our old…less than...

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