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Grindcast Episode 168: Standard is STILL GOOD

Unbelievable, we’re like two weeks in and standard has more than one deck! In this celebratory episode we’re going over the individual card choices you can make to customize the top decks in the meta depending on what you expect to play against. And we talk about video games! Thanks as always to Wave Sunray...

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Grindcast Episode 167: Yorion My Mind

Standard has become a race to be the biggest, grindiest deck possible–but watch out for rogues and those pesky aggro decks who like nothing better than punishing people for playing seven mana spells. The format’s changing every half hour or so, but we go over strategic evaluations and matchup breakdowns to help give you the...

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Grindcast Episode 166: New New (new?) Standard

We got the bans that we asked for! And an extra one, just in case! What a deal! We’re breaking down our new, super fair standard this week, and answering all your questions. Is Kroxa good? Yes. Should you play rogues? See question one. And more! Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.

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Grindcast Episode 165: Holy crap, did they fix standard?

Well, no, probably not. But the results are in from the first weekend post-Uro ban and they are…inconclusive. It’s possible that Omnath isn’t the only deck you’re allowed to play, and that’s something, right? We’re taking a look at standard and even a little historic in the leadup to this weekend’s Grand Finals! Thanks as...

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Grindcast Episode 164: Does Wizards want us to Walk away?

All right, we got our ban. And…it’s just Uro. But don’t let an abandoned standard keep you from getting excited for, uh, mechanically unique The Walking Dead Secret Lair cards? Am I reading this right? Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music!

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Grindcast Episode 163: Omnath the Omnipresent

Zendikar’s not even out yet but new standard is in full swing, with one particular four color, four-armed elemental swinging harder than the rest. We also take a look at modern, the opposite format of current standard, where you can play damn near anything and have a shot. Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for...

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