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Grindcast Episode 116: Oko is Loco

Just a week into Throne of Eldraine and we’re playing Oko in…every deck. In every format. Is he the best planeswalker ever printed? Time will tell, but for now he’ll likely be the most ubiquitous. We also talk a bit about CCR’s run to mythic with standard reanimator, and how to goose modern. Come hang...

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Grindcast Episode 115: Can we Beat Golos?

The field at SCG Philly was full of the dead, so we’re breaking down what’s working and what isn’t in a Golos-dominated standard. Plus, how about this Mox Opal-dominated Modern? Magic’s two biggest formats have two clear best decks, and we’re breaking down how we see this playing out. Come hang out! Thanks as always...

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Grindcast Episode 114: Adventuring with Throne of Eldraine

Whew, time for a normal episode! Throne of Eldraine has, of course, massively shaken up Standard but it’s also having some immediate impact on Modern! We check out the latest iterations of Mox Opal decks and go over just how much standard has progressed in the *checks watch* two days the set has been on...

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Grindcast Episode 113: Throne of Eldraine Constructed Set Review!!

It’s finally here! On this giant-sized episode, Lee McLeod joins us to go over all the fantastic new cards from Throne of Eldraine. Along the way we crush some bones, lurk in some lochs and, uh, quest some beasts. Come hang out!

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Grindcast Episode 112: Our Standard Rotation Rest in Peace Show

As with every standard rotation these days, we are losing a TON of cards. Join us as we go over all our old favorites and all our old…less than favorites that we’ll never get to play with again. We promise this is useful for future analysis and not just an excuse for reminiscing. Thanks as...

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Grindcast Episode 111: Loch-ing Down Legacy

We’ve been working hard to break legacy in half and we’re here to report the latest on delver, decks that lose to delver, and slow decks that ostensibly beat delver but probably don’t. Plus! Hella Throne of Eldraine spoilers. Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music

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