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Grindcast Episode 123: The Player of the Year on Pioneer

ZAN WON PLAYER OF THE YEAR!! And unfortunately he can’t share much in the way of insights on the PC formats. But he joins us to talk all about the PC race, Team LotusBox’s evolution over the past year, and what he’s excited about for Pioneer now that everything’s banned. Come hang out! Thanks as...

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Grindcast Episode 122: Burning Inquiries

Since Collins’s PC prep is hush-hush, we figured we’d do a mailbag episode! We cover everything from Collins-sized geese to smoochable planeswalkers. Come hang out! Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.

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Grindcast Episode 121: Got there.

Collins did it! After a long, hard-fought year he’s secured his spot in the SCG Players’ Championship. This week we’re talking about the Invi, locking in that spot, and what we’re looking at in all the PC formats that have just gone through HEAVY bans. Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.

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Grindcast Episode 120: Going Ballistic: Invi Prep in the Lotus Box House

We’re working really hard on pioneer! And…not totally forgetting modern. The invitational is tomorrow so we’re bringing you everything we’ve learned in the run up to the biggest pioneer tournament yet!

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Grindcast Episode 119: Pioneer Post-Ban Postmortem

They warned us, and they weren’t kidding! A whirlwind week, as we get Pioneer for the invitational, and then a swift ban of its two best decks. We’re breaking down what’s been working for us and what’s been whiffing in Magic’s shiniest new format. Come hang out!   Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for...

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Grindcast Episode 118: Going for Br-Oko in Atlanta

The boys really did it this time, breaking modern in half by playing just a boatload of standard cards. Lotus Box put 4 players into the top 8 at SCG Atlanta, and Collins made the finals! So we’re talking about the Urza deck that got them there, and then we’re not able to help ourselves...

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