Podcast Episodes

Episode 38: Hometown Hero: GP Seattle Legacy Champion Daniel Duterte!

Friend of the show Daniel Duterte ran the tables at GP Seattle, his only loss coming in the form of a concession to Steve Rubin in Round 15 so he could eat a crepe. We were lucky enough to snag him for an episode, where he talks tournament prep, getting into legacy, and how he fits Magic into his life. Come hang out, and maybe pick up a couple of Grixis Delver tricks and lunch strategy along the way!

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music!

Episode 37: Man, that’s W.A.A.C: How far is too far?

Player interaction is one aspect of tournament play that sometimes gets pushed to the side in favor of metgame analysis and sideboard choices. But it’s something we do every single match, and our choices in how we approach judge calls, die rolls, and communication with our opponents can affect the way your tournament plays out as well as your place in the community. This episode is definitely an oddball, so buckle up and enjoy!

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music!

Episode 36: Top 8’s and Topdecks

Collins is fresh off of his third Team Open top 8, and we’ve got plenty to talk about! From being carried to the elimination rounds by 15-year-old Austin Collins, to the latest on MTGArena, to CCR’s first tentative forays into legacy, there’s something here for everyone!

Oh yeah, and we talk about a bunch of rad new Dominaria cards too!

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music!

Episode 35: Just wandering if you knew about Yisan

Humans are on top of the heap again, winning GP Phoenix and taking a whopping 5 spots in the top 32. So this week we’re talking modern, talking humans, talking Yisan the Wanderer Bard. Plus some MTG Arena talk and other news from around the ol’ discussion sphere.

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music!

Episode 34: Molten Modern and DOMINARIA SPOILERS

We’ve got your post-unban modern here! Jund and Tron are out and about, though the SCG Dallas top 8 had some weirdos for sure! Chris and Collins break down the latest developments in that format and then dive into some Dominaria spoilers!

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.

Episode 33: Modern is Mind-bogling

It’s been a big weekend! Butakov won the MOCS as well as our hearts and, perhaps more relevant to the show, we’ve launched our Patreon and website! So, just how afraid of Jund and Bogles do you have to be? And can it be right to run no removal spells in your standard deck? Come hang out as we explore all these questions and more.

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music!

Episode 32: Torrential Gearhulk is the best card in Standard

GP Memphis is in the books, finally giving us a window into the post-ban standard format. Come hang out as we celebrate the existence of a real standard metagame with a breakdown of the cards and strategies you need to look out for. The night is dark and full of Vraska’s Contempts, Torrential Gearhulks, and Scarab Gods, but we’ve got your back!

Episode 31: You know I’m all about that Jace (and Bloodbraid)

It’s a brave new world! Chris and Collins break down all the recent developments in post-ban Standard and post-unban Modern. The Jacepocalypse hasn’t come around quite yet…but is it coming? Let’s find out together!

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For Coaching by Collins (R)(TM): calendly.com/collinsmullen

Episode 30: Jace, the Format Sculptor

The recent unban of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and (to a lesser extent) Bloodbraid Elf have got people talking–and we’re two of those people! We break down our opinions of the unban and how we think Jace’s presence will influence modern going forward. It’s a whole new world out there, so come explore it with us!

Episode 29: Post-PT check in and Modern metagame breakdown

Collins is back from his first pro tour! While he didn’t take it down, he’s got some stories to share and we take a look at what’s going on in modern now that the dust has settled a little bit. Come hang out!