Podcast Episodes

Grindcast Episode 72: Crack(l)ing the formats for SCG Con

SCGCon is this weekend, and Chris and Collins are both making the trip up to Roanoke! Whether you’re in the main event or grinding some cube qualifiers all weekend long, we dive into standard and modern in our attempts to answer the question at the heart of magic: is Crackling Drake the best creature in every format?

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Grindcast Episode 71: Mad about Modern

Whether you love the format or you’re furious about it, you’re probably playing it this weekend! Chris and Collins have the lowdown on the current state of modern, from a look at the breakdown of decks played at GP Atlanta to what we’ve been seeing online in the comp leagues. If you’re playing Magic this weekend, you’ll probably want to come hang out.

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Grindcast Episode 70: Welcome to the All-Grindcast PPTQ Finals

Chris and Collins faced off in probably the single most important match of Magic the Gathering this year. While Collins did walk away with the victory and the rptq invite, there’s still plenty of standard that’s still up in the air. Join us for an extra special Thanksgiving episode, since you’re probably not standing up for a couple hours anyway.

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MTG Grindcast Episode 69: Post-Pro Tour Standard!

The pro tour results are in, and white weenie is clearly the best deck in Standard…right? We break down everything we learned from Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica and the info we’re going to use to attack the format going forward. If you’re playing a pptq or standard showdown in the next couple weeks, don’t miss this one!

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Episode 68: What to Play at SCG Regionals

Despite the looming Pro Tour next week, CCR and Collins are deep in the heart of modern season. With SCG Regionals on the horizon, it’s time to get serious and break down just where we are in the modern meta. Is Creeping Chill still busted? Or maybe we should rely on lands that make too much mana this weekend? Come find out!

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Episode 67: A Lavaside Chat with Becky Adlman

Fresh off her second top 8 open finish at SCG Charlotte, we sit down with the Mean Valakut Girl herself to get her take on the modern meta, the power of primeval titan, and the rewards of specializing in a single archetype. This episode was super fun to record, so hopefully you enjoy it as much as we did.

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Episode 66: Chilling Results in Modern

Creeping Chill is giving Dredge a whole new lease on death in Modern! After its breakout performance in Dallas, will the hate be enough to keep it down in Charlotte? Or will we all sadly watch our life totals tick down in groups of three? Come hang out while we find out! Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.

Episode 65: Oh yeah, Modern Exists!

We’ve been sidetracked by standard for the past couple of episodes, but with two modern opens and a modern GP just on the horizon, it’s time to get back to Magic’s most popular format! Sure, we talk about standard Golgari for a bit but tune in for our thoughts on Storm, Burn, Creeping Chill, and all the rest of those non-rotating standouts. Come hang out!

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Episode 64: SCG Columbus Finalist Collins Mullen!

Fresh off of his team’s second place finish at SCG Columbus, Collins is here to talk about the tournament, Guilds of Ravnica Standard, and the recent SCG Tour and Organized Play announcements. From March of the Multitudes to Magic Fests, we’ve got a lot to cover this week, so come hang out!

Episode 63: Guilds of Ravnica Deckstravaganza!

They’re here! Week 0 standard decks are here! We’ve been brewing, we’ve been playing, and we’re bringing you all the latest of this experimental frenzy. Is monogreen stompy the deck to beat? Or is tribal angels perhaps going to be the new format bogeyman? Find out on this week’s episode! Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.