Episode 51: And Featuring Zan Syed as Himself!

Friend of the show Zan Syed took down SCG Atlanta with Infect, so we had to get him on! We talk tournament prep, from brewing strategies to learning new decks, dealing with disappointment, and what’s next for team Lotus Box. Come hang out!

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.

Episode 50: On Probes and Poison Counters

Man, have we got some stuff to talk about today! From WotC’s great decision to ban Gitaxian Probe and Deathrite Shaman, to WotC’s questionable decision to invite Hearthstone streamers to an 8-man with 150k in prizes, this has been a busy week. Plus, we talk some modern, especially infect of both the BG and UG varieties. Don’t miss out!

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.

Episode 49: Core Set ’19 Constructed Set Review

M19 is all spoiled up, so you know what that means: Chris and Collins have a full constructed set review in one mega 3 hour episode! Find out which dragons and angels are going to take over standard, and which amulets you should refrain from putting into your modern sideboard. Grab a snack, get comfy, and let’s review some cards!

Episode 48: Ironworkin’ for the Weekend

Modern is getting fast. Real real fast. And Matt Nass is really, really good at going fast (is it the basketball shorts?) Join Chris and Collins this week as they talk Modern, including one particular hard working deck, Dominaria spoilers, and all the news to come out of the big GP Vegas weekend. Come hang out! Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.

Episode 47: Standard and Spoilers and SCGCon oh my! (also modern)

SCGCon is in the books, and we’re seeing some movement in both the invitational formats. Is chainwhirler’s grip on the format starting to loosen? Can you play literally anything you want in modern? And what is the deal with this buy-a-box promo? Find out on this episode!

Episode 46: How to Beat Goblin Chainwhirler

…or, at least, how to try to beat it. With PT Dominaria in the books, standard has a new semi-psychotic overlord. Have his decrees made 1 toughness creatures completely unplayable? Are Chris and Collins trying to find a way to beat the three mana goblin, or are we just living in a chain whirled? Find out on this episode!

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music!

Episode 45: PT Dominaria Preview Show!

Pro Tour Dominaria is almost here! To prepare you for your viewing experience, Chris and Collins break down the pillars of Standard as they stand going into the tournament. From Monored to no-win-con UW control, and all the sizes of BR aggro in between we look at the basics of the format and the latest developments. Plus a quick runthrough of the draft format to help get you as hype as we are.

Episode 44: Teferi is Busted

Teferi is making himself known in both standard and modern, drawing cards, exiling permanents, untapping lands and even serving as a mind-numbing win condition. We take a look at last week’s modern results and the rapidly evolving standard landscape, bringing you an up to the minute look at both metas. Come hang out!

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.

Episode 43: Snakes and Shadows: GP Birmingham and (finally) a Modern Episode!

CCR is back from GP Birmingham where he tells the story of barely squeaking into top 64 with…not the right deck for the weekend. Plus Collins shares how he’s trying to break back into modern with a deck you might not expect (unless you look at the thumbnail for this episode). Come hang out!

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music!

Episode 42: Vehicles and Vampires: Going Deep on Standard and Legacy

Fresh off of yet another Team Open top 8, Collins gives us the inside scoop on that Lotus Box build of WB that absolutely dominated this past weekend. Plus we talk about the slightly oxymoronic Slow Turbo Depths that Jody Keith played next to him all weekend and that CCR’s about to take to a title in Birmingham. Come hang out!

As always, thanks to Wave Sunray for our music.