Grindcast Episode 165: Holy crap, did they fix standard?

Well, no, probably not. But the results are in from the first weekend post-Uro ban and they are…inconclusive. It’s possible that Omnath isn’t the only deck you’re allowed to play, and that’s something, right? We’re taking a look at standard and even a little historic in the leadup to this weekend’s Grand Finals!

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music.

5:30 Grand Finals
8:00 Standard/Uro Ban
11:00 Rakdos Midrange
19:35 Gruul
25:15 Scutate aside
26:45 Monowhite
32:30 Omnath decks
40:00 Monogreen vs Gruul
43:50 Rogues
50:00 Dimir and Grixis
56:00 Mill
1:02:00 Historic
1:12:30 BS’ing about Hades

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