Episode 57: Be Better Today

A different kind of episode this week. We’ll pick back up with your regularly scheduled hard-hitting metagame analyses next week, but this week we wanted to hit pause and talk about some of the stuff going on around the gamec, including cheating, the hall of fame, and some of the other issues that have engrossed the Magic community. Then, Collins shares a little of the story of his own Magic journey, and what the future holds for him.

Thanks as always to Wave Sunray for our music!

2 comments on Episode 57: Be Better Today

  1. mark villalpando says:

    I think the rules may have changed back and forth but at gp vegas 2013 i had a pardic dragon suspended. Its text is “Whenever an opponent plays a spell, if Pardic Dragon is suspended, that player may put a time counter on Pardic Dragon.” My opponent cast a spell didn’t put a counter went to combat passed turn or something to that effect then said “ohhh yeah” i said no missed the trigger, he called judge. Then i think the head judge came over or i appealed and he did and was like “hey johnny hows the kids?” Or something like that so he obviously knew the guy i was like oh god. And basically said at that time its my triggered ability so i have to mtgo offer it up to him. Felt terrible but in that weird area with chalice could you go back and say hey you forgot to tell me your chalice trigger if it was something else.

    1. CCR says:

      So the rules are basically this: if it’s your trigger, it’s your responsibility to put it on the stack. So with chalice, if you have a chalice and your opponent plays a spell and you miss it, you’ve missed it (unless your opponent for some reason wants their spell countered and reminds you). However, if you play a spell into your own chalice and miss it, (or if you miss any other trigger) your opponent gets the option to put that trigger on the stack if they so choose.

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