Magic aficionado and, technically, a lawyer. Currently winning tournaments in Europe. Also losing tournaments in Europe.

Hey, thanks for checking out our site! This is the home of the MTG Grindcast, the spikiest Magic: the Gathering podcast around, with a special focus on the SCG Tour. We’re a podcast by Magic players, for Magic players, and we try every week to bring you the most up to date analyses of the formats, razor’s edge technology, and all the other things we learn going to way, way too many tournaments each weekend.

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SCG Grinder. Open Champ. GP Finalist. Battling the eternal question: Brew? or make day two?



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Grindcast Episode 107: An Alur-ing Legacy Episode!

Holy crap, is this a legacy episode? We’ve both been grinding away at magic’s most expensive competitive format and have come away with some surprising answers. Come hang out...

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Grindcast Episode 106: Strategy Mailbag with Lee McLeod!

Every once in a while our Patreon questions start to pile up, and rather than letting such a valuable resource go to waste we save them up for a...

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Grindcast Episode 105: Guess who’s Gaak? Gaak again.

Well, here we are. Again. The most heavily played card at MC Barcelona? Leyline of the Void, and it wasn’t particularly close. This week we’re talking about how to...

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Grindcast Episode 104: CCR’s Artifact Adventure

We had quite a weekend at SCG Philly! We got lost in a mall, and then CCR got lost playing Urza to an almost-top-8 at the classic. Collins DID...

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Grindcast Episode 103: How to Stomp Standard

With SCG Worcester finished up, we have at least an idea of what the standard meta is looking like. With Risen Reefs and Nexuses of Fate galore, this is...

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Grindcast Episode 102: M20 Constructed Set Review

It’s here! We made it through 3.5 hours of set review to bring you only the best of “I don’t think this can keep up with what the elementals...

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