Magic aficionado and, technically, a lawyer. Currently winning tournaments in Europe. Also losing tournaments in Europe.

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SCG Grinder. Open Champ. GP Finalist. Battling the eternal question: Brew? or make day two?



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Grindcast Episode 98: SCG Season 1 Champ Abe Corrigan!!!

The first half of the year is behind us, and the Season 1 points leader is here to chat with us about the standard, the Invi, and his journey...

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Grindcast Episode 97: Your Gruul Guide

Not Gruul? Then we have to smash. But before we get to the smashing, how about a nuanced discussion about privilege and need within the mtg community? But don’t...

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Grindcast Episode 96: Amulets and Artifice

We’ve got a mixed bag today! Chris and Collins go over their standard and modern prep for the Invitational, SCG Louisville results, and a whole bucket full of Modern...

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Grindcast Episode 95: ZAN’S NUMBER ONE (Jeremy’s ok too)

The Grindcast has been bested. Our roommates caught wind of our sick finishes at SCG Richmond and, quite literally, one-upped us with first place finishes in the open and...

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Grindcast Episode 94: All Eyes on the MPL

This week, Chris and Collins are talking about a small announcement or two out of Organized play. You know, little things like GerryT quitting the MPL, new MPL members,...

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Grindcast Episode 93: WE’RE NUMBER TWO! WE’RE NUMBER TWO!

Fresh off of simultaneous second place finishes at SCG Richmond, CCR and Collins have plenty of week one standard to talk about. Is monored the deck to beat? Is...

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