Magic aficionado and, technically, a lawyer. Currently winning tournaments in Europe. Also losing tournaments in Europe.

Hey, thanks for checking out our site! This is the home of the MTG Grindcast, the spikiest Magic: the Gathering podcast around, with a special focus on the SCG Tour. We’re a podcast by Magic players, for Magic players, and we try every week to bring you the most up to date analyses of the formats, razor’s edge technology, and all the other things we learn going to way, way too many tournaments each weekend.

You can find us all the places linked below, or scroll down just a bit farther to check out our latest episodes. We hope you’ll have as much fun listening to them as we do making them.

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SCG Grinder. Open Champ. GP Finalist. Battling the eternal question: Brew? or make day two?



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Grindcast Episode 128: Noko, Nopal, and, uh, Nycosynth Lattice

Oko is banned from modern, and he took some friends with him! This week we’re joined by Mox Opal aficionado Lee McLeod as we go over what these huge...

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Grindcast Episode 127: How to Win in Modern (Play Oko)

This week we’re breaking down all the strongest strategies for winning in modern, which include +2’ing Oko, +1’ing Oko, and -5’ing Oko. Join us for our hard-hitting analysis, and...

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Grindcast Episode 126: New Decade, Old Format: Modern Discussion and THB Spoilers!

It’s the new year! But still the same old modern, with Urza at the top of the heap. We’re talking mirrors, emry vs coatl, and even a bunch of...

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Grindcast Episode 125: Players’ Championship Palaver with Zach Allen

Collins is fresh off the PC, and we’re joined by Zach Allen to give a non-LotusBox perspective on the tournament and testing process. Lots of inside looks at the...

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Grindcast Episode 124: Preppin’ for the PC with Team LotusBox

Decks are submitted, which means that Collins is free to talk about his PC testing! Come hang out as we talk about how the lotus boys prepared for the...

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Grindcast Episode 123: The Player of the Year on Pioneer

ZAN WON PLAYER OF THE YEAR!! And unfortunately he can’t share much in the way of insights on the PC formats. But he joins us to talk all about...

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