Magic aficionado and, technically, a lawyer. Currently winning tournaments in Europe. Also losing tournaments in Europe.

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SCG Grinder. Open Champ. GP Finalist. Battling the eternal question: Brew? or make day two?



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Grindcast Episode 162: Zendikar Rising Set Review!

It’s here! And you can’t play it on arena yet for some reason so you might as well listen to the set review. We’re going over our top 5...

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Grindcast Episode 161: Steppeing into Historic

With the first historic Mythic Invitational this weekend and some SCG historic lists to look at we break down Duel Decks: Goblins vs. Mayhem Devil. Er, the historic format....

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Grindcast Episode 160: Zendikargle Rising

With approximately a dozen new sets on the horizon, we’ve got a ton to explore in this episode! From Jace shoes to Yargle secret lairs to, uh, actual spoilers...

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Grindcast Episode 159: Let’s Learn Legacy (with Anuraag Das!)

This week! We’re joined by legacy aficionado Anuraag Das, who’s giving us the rundown on the format leading up to the Manatraders tournament this weekend. We’re packing as many...

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MTG Grindclass: How to Beat control (Episode 158)

This week! We’re going a little off the beaten path and bringing you a Topic. Are you tired of your opponent countering all your spells, killing all your creatures,...

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Grindcast Episode 157: Some Promising New Formats

A week after one of the biggest ban announcements in magic history, and we’re examining the wreckage left behind. Is Sultai midrange really unbeatable? I mean, realllly? Plus how...

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